Friday, 11 November 2011

Feng Shui The Expensive Cost of Bathrooms

Even if buying cheap bathroom suites, remodelling your bathroom can be an expensive business. Here are some low cost tips to feng shui away the cost of a new bathroom to a minimum.

Shop online
If you have measured your bathroom and know exactly what kind of bathroom suite you require, then shopping online can save you a fortune. Many online bathroom stores are cheaper than their traditional counterparts and bathrooms are often heavily discountied. Cheap bathroom suites can often be found when manufacturers have end of line or clearance sales.

If you do not know what sort of bathroom suite you are looking for then shopping online can give you ideas. You may even pick up a bargain whilst you are shopping!

DIY bathroom
Installing a new bathroom suite isn't as difficult as it seems. Unless you want a custom bathroom or have a difficult space to fill then you may not need a plumber. You can also save money by buying a cheap bathroom suite yourself and then asking your local plumber to do the final installation. This method is often cheaper than buying a bathroom suite from a store and using their fitting service.

Finish the decor yourself
When remodelling your bathroom, once you have installed the main fixtures, such as the bath, toilet, shower and sink you can save money by doing the finishing touches yourself. Tiling is easy to do on a small bathroom and may not need to cover a big area. Adding those extra accessories, such as shower curtains or doors, toilet seats etc. is not as hard as it seems.

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  1. Tidy and Good photo of bathroom; very simple..

    Really a good thought for saving money on bathroom decor..