Friday, 28 October 2011

e-Decking Ideas - Make use of unusable garden slopes and inclines

e-Decking Ideas - Think about how you can really make use of that wasted space resulting from eroded banks and poor landscape foundations that cause ugly slopes and drainage in the back garden. You need to feng shui that uphill garden and put a paper bag on the head of that tarnished garden space. It's easy! Top Garden Feng Shui Tip: Make use of unusable slopes and inclines in the back garden with a clever use of decking materials!

Decking is a great way to spruce up your garden and to provide a separate space for al fresco dining. If you are lucky enough to have a fair sized back garden then you might welcome some decking ideas that will make it uniquely your own. Not all gardens are flat or square and some of them have a steep incline, which generally means that area of the garden is wasted. Some quick and easy decking ideas will mean that the space you thought was a lost cause could actually be a great spot to start with. If you do plan on having a deck in a sloping area then it’s a good idea to consult a professional to find out what is needed. You may need information on building codes and planning restrictions. Decking doesn’t usually need permission but councils differ on this so it’s always a good idea to check before you buy any materials.

If you have a garden that is fairly regular in size and shape then you might want to put some decking at one end. A lot of people now have water features in their gardens and often put these close to the decking area from where they get a good view of the rest of the garden. If you have French windows then you may want to consider having your decking right outside rather than up the other end of the garden. If your garden is quite small then you could build a triangular shaped deck in one corner rather than something that stretched the whole of your garden. It’s worth taking a look online to find some more decking ideas for your home.

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