Friday, 28 October 2011

Tiffany Lights | Art Nouveau | Art Deco | The influence of Louis Comfort Tiffany

There are fashions in lighting just as there are fashions or fads with most other things. The kind of lighting that you have in your home can either add to or spoil the interior of your home. For a number of years Tiffany lights have been extremely popular, largely because of trends towards Art Nouveau and Art Deco styling. Tiffany, was actually Louis Comfort Tiffany was an American who designed windows, glass mosaics, jewellery and lamps. By the turn of the nineteenth century, Tiffany had made a name for himself among elite New York socialites as a designer of merit. The artist was commissioned to undertake some work in the White House he installed new designs in several of the rooms and redecorated and painted them. Part of his design plan for the Whitehouse was to use brightly patterned glass shades for gas lamps, and these shades became known as Tiffany lights.

In 1885 Tiffany had become sufficiently wealthy to start his own glass making company and by 1902 the firm was known as the Tiffany studios. The designer built a further studio in 1893, eventually named the Tiffany glass furnaces. Tiffany used brightly coloured, opalescent glass to give the appearance of stained glass, and the first Tiffany lights date back to 1895 – the beginning of the Art Nouveau movement and enjoyed further popularity in the Art Deco period.

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