Monday, 9 January 2012

Setting the Scene on Your Patio Using Feng Shui

You want your patio experience to be as relaxing for yourself as it is for your guests. It’s no surprise that many designers turn to Feng Shui techniques for a tranquil home display. This technique is a marriage of your surroundings with your personal items to accentuate easy flow and connection to nature. Good design following the principles for what you desire will feel good to you on a visceral level when you spend time in your sacred space.

Take stock of your current patio furnishings. Less is definitely more when it comes to designing in respect to Feng Shui. You want all pieces of furniture to have plenty of space around them for easy mobility and access. Think about how your guests will move through the space when you entertain. Remove anything that impedes traffic through the patio. Also, toss out anything broken or not in the best condition, as these items can be unsettling and interfere with the positive energy you are trying to emphasize.
You can draw from natural elements by enhancing the sights and sounds of nature, which are key tools in Feng Shui design. If you are in a busy metropolitan area, for example, a fountain can add the soothing sounds of water to mask the sound of traffic. Metal fountains, in particular, can add not only visual interest, but also make the sound of running water resonate as the liquid hits the surface. 

Low lights, such as paper lanterns or discreet solar patio lights, can add just a hint of illumination to blend in perfectly with moonlight. Study the principles of Feng Shui to discover more about what you want to bring into your life. You can emphasize elements tied to money, harmony or happiness with your particular design and placement of items. Even the shape of a table can make a difference to the space’s energy, or chi. Any interruption of your patio space’s chi can bring misfortune, according to certain interpretations of these principles. Always focus on flowing energy as you decide what to keep and what you can live without on your patio.

The direction your garden paths leading from the patio can have a profound effect under the principles of Feng Shui, and you will want proper guidance in making these determinations to best fit your space and needs. 
Take care with mirrored gazing balls and potted plants, for example, as they can interrupt the flow of energy if placed incorrectly. Keep in mind that the patio design needs to flow and offer harmonious, uninterrupted space with everything clean and in good working condition. A broken down trash bin, for example, will interrupt this energy and conflict with the cleanliness aspect of your design. Proper handling of seemingly mundane details, such as trash storage, can go a long way to help keep the energy pure in your space. A Feng Shui expert in interior design can be helpful to you as you sort out your life’s priorities in relation to your patio design.

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