Wednesday 4 January 2012

Feng Shui your Kitchen for a Healthy Home

It’s been said that your kitchen is the feng shui part of your home that ‘nourishes and sustains life’ and it is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, so why not put a little time and effort into making your kitchen as homely as you feel? From the lighting, to the food you buy to the kitchen cabinet doors feng shui is used to make your life more fulfilled.

The rules of feng shui say that you shouldn’t have your kitchen close to your front or back door as feng shui energy can easily escape, keeping the energy in your kitchen and home is important as it leads to a good spirited chef who will put good spirited meals on the table for a happy family. The food you eat gives you energy, so the food needs to be prepared in a well organised kitchen with balanced flow of feng shui energy. It is said that good nutrition is good feng shui and that is why people add organic foods to their diet. Fresh foods and vegetables have a high nutritional value and offer healing qualities that your body needs.

Your kitchen cupboard doors should be made from a light coloured wood as this allows warmth into your home; in fact your entire kitchen should be warm and welcoming with no clutter and a simple design, fresh flowers and a fruit bowl allow for an uplifting energy.

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home, it is where you feed your family, and a healthy kitchen allows a healthy family. Make sure you follow some simple feng shui rules for a happy and fulfilled kitchen.

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