Monday 9 January 2012

Choosing the Right Furniture in a Feng Shui Space

The walls are painted, the carpet is in, but what color furniture should you add to your home to ensure that it fits with the Feng Shui feel?  Often times the furniture is the main focus of your room, so choosing the right color can be an overwhelming task, especially when following the five elements Feng Shui theory.  Here are some tips for choosing the right furniture color that is going to have you peaceful and decoratively content in no time.

#1 – Choose Something That Lasts

A bold pattern on more than a few pieces of furniture can more often than not be too much, and you can easily start to feel as though your room has become dated.  Choose Feng Shui colors according to the energy you need.  One tip is to choose a neutral sofa and then add one or two accent pieces representing your favorite elements.  Think fire for passion and energy, metal materials for clarity, and wood for vitality. A harmonious Feng Shui water element will bring a refreshing calm to the area, while a strong earth element in your home can help create a sense of stability. By splurging on the furniture that’s most important to the room as a whole, you will feel good about both the quality and tranquility of the new additions.

#2 – Texture Over Patterns

If you want something that is going to stand out, but you are not necessarily looking for your Grandma’s flower print couch, choose furniture with texture instead of color.  In many cases, you can find a couch with fabric that has tone on tone patterns, allowing it to appear neutral, having the ability to blend with the rest of your room.  While a solid colored piece of furniture may seem plain, look for one with textures, such as raised lines much like corduroy, which will complement the rest of your living space.
Every room needs balancing by adding varying textures. Think throw pillows,decorative rugs, drapery. In order to have a balanced and comfortable room, combining different textures, shapes and colors is the key. Generally, natural materials like cotton, silk and wool attract better chi than synthetics. Find what textures work for you, and follow your natural instinct from there. 

#3 – Be Cautious Of Variation

While Microsuede is currently the ‘in’ fabric, it can be easily manipulated, meaning that the color of the furniture actually changes when you touch it. When choosing a microfiber couch, or other fabric that causes the same effect, make sure you like the color of the fabric no matter which way it is brushed up against. If you’re in the market for new furniture, you should be prepared with the many unique models you’ll face when shopping. Do some research and have an idea of what you want beforehand. With a clear image of what interests you, you’re less likely to make what could be a costly decision on a whim.

#4 – Check Out The Hardware

There are several pieces of furniture, particularly modern sofas that have extra details, such as nail head trim or wood feet. It is important to make sure those elements match with the rest of your room, just as the color of the couch or other pieces of furniture. There are also some pieces of furniture with silver legs, and your room may be accented with gold. Be sure to look at this aspect of your furniture, because although it may not seem to stand out in the showroom, once you add it to your living space, it could become an unexpected eyesore.
Feng Shui accents should include good quality, smooth edges and proper placement. No detail is too small to affect the energy flow in a room. Difficulties can often be cured by placing and rearranging objects within the space. Get a second opinion, consider the thoughts of your friends and family. Sometimes seeing something through the eyes of another can help establish a clear view.

#5 – Don’t Forget The Pillows

Pillows that accompany couches when you purchase them often come in outrageous patterns or obnoxious colors. However, do not let this deter you from purchasing a particular couch, which you know will match your decor. There’s no design problem that can’t be fixed with a little ingenuity. Pillows can be recovered or replaced for only a few dollars. Additional accessories can be found that harbor Feng Shui meaning and symbolism.
For a quick Feng Shui decorating fix-up, turn to accessories and Chinese symbols sure to bring harmony in your home. In the midst of decorating or revamping a space, it can be difficult to imagine the tranquil area of your dreams. But with a bit of patience, and the Feng Shui guidebook in mind, you’ll be relaxing in no time.

About The Author:

Josh Thompson is a blogger and writer for all things related to the art of interior design. He also works for LuxeYard, a new community for group discounts on luxury furniture.


  1. I really enjoyed this article. Using the proper furniture (or perhaps the omission of certain pieces of furniture) is paramount in applying proper Feng Shui to a space. Furniture positioning makes a difference as well. Thanks for so many useful tips.
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  3. Great article, Josh! I need to get the guidebook