Tuesday 6 August 2013

Improve your Feng Shui through Art

It is a well-known fact that art can add something extra to your home and make it a more vibrant, creative and beautiful space. Art is a personal thing and can range from paintings and canvases to statues and ornaments; there is no such thing as bad art if you like it.

As well as being wonderful for the aesthetics of your home, the use of art can also help improve your Feng Shui, and is a cheap and fantastic way of getting the right balance of energy to make your home an even happier place. Certain shapes, colours and images will bring positive energy into your home and allow it to circulate, whereas others may drain the energy out so it is important to choose wisely.

A great way to start deciding what art to pick to improve your Feng Shui is to get a bit of inspiration, and www.pinterest.com is a great place to start, with many boards all about Feng Shui in the home.  It is important to think about what you really like, what speaks to you and what you think will sit well with the colours, furnishings and size of your home.  Gentle, floral prints bring a lovely calming energy as do certain brush strokes and muted colours, so if you have a bold colour scheme or a strong theme in your home already then pick something gentle like this.  Too many conflicting patterns and colours will clash and make the energy in your home oppressive, and this is what you want to avoid.  Similarly statues, sculptures or ornaments which are too big for a space will darken a room and draw negative energy towards it.  Bold colours and patterns can bring wonderful positivity and vibrancy however, and if you can introduce these in a positive way then it is worth doing – they can lift the energy of a room which is relatively plain.

The idea with Feng Shui is that energy should circulate around your home, so having art that continues into different rooms is a great way of doing this.  If you have found a series of ornaments or statues that you love try splitting them up and putting them in different rooms in the house – being careful about the positioning.  You can also buy beautiful canvases which come in 3 or 5 part sets and could split these up in different rooms if you wanted.  Dotcreative Ltd T/ACatchincolour UK is a fantastic canvas company which has a great array of these.  Pictures and canvases of loved ones or special memories always lift your heart and make you smile, and these will also improve the Feng Shui in your home.

Art is a wonderful, expressive medium that can transform the energy in your home, all you need is a bit of Feng Shui knowledge and some creative flair; this will be a fun and soothing way of improving your home.

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