Tuesday 6 August 2013

Feng Shui & Your Bedroom

A friend of mine has recently divorced her husband of twelve years and seems to be going through a stage that at first I found mildly alarming but now I am kind of intrigued by. All of a sudden she is into everything alternative and I am simply hypnotised listening to her tales. This lady who has led a rather average lifestyle for over a decade has now become vegan, signed up for a charity skydive, had reiki healing, is learning about how crystals influence our lives and most recently had  a Feng Shui master round to Feng Shui her house.
Now most of this stuff I can take or leave, but Feng Shui is something that has always interested me so I listened intently as she told me about moving furniture around, adding layered lighting and throwing out some of her wall hangings.  I didn’t want to let her know but I was totally intrigued and really wanted to find out more, in fact I really wanted to have a go myself. But as I had been slightly critical of my friends new approach to life, I might at one stage have called her an aging hippie with a mid-life crisis, I felt I couldn’t really tell her I was going to try Feng Shui. So what to do?
Lightbulb moment… I’ll Feng Shui my bedroom and then she will never know. Genius! It is also the most run down and unappealing room in the house with lacklustre lighting, a third hand bed that is falling to pieces and rather drab pictures on the wall. I knew I was going to have to start from scratch to achieve good Feng Shui as my room lacked any sort of energy, let alone positive energy and had a proper clear out before beginning, clutter is definitely bad for the energy flow.
So, the first step was to clear the furniture and look online for a decent looking bed and two bedside tables, it is important to have two as this balances the energy around the bed.  If you’re looking at your own furniture and thinking it could use a facelift then see the bedroom furniture range here that is on offer at David Phillips. A great range and lots of simple lines that are great for the Feng Shui energy.
Next were the images on my walls. For good Feng Shui you are meant to display only images that you want to see happening in your life; I chose a calm sky scene with a hot air balloon rising above the clouds. Lastly, I had to sort out the lighting and colour flow in the room as well as the air quality. The potted plants on my sideboard were out and the air dehumidifier in and then I added a dimmer switch to the main light and well placed coloured lamps. Voila, my new room is complete and it looks great. Does it give me better energy, who knows but I’m certainly a happier girl sleeping in my newly decorated boudoir!


  1. I really need the help of feng shui when it comes to my Bedroom. I hired a feng shui master to help me and he is coming here in a few days and I can't wait anymore.

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